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BTi Education

BTi Educational Programs
The Bio-Therapeutic Institute of Technology is dedicated to providing excellence in esthetic educational programs for students and professionals at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Our interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning creates an interactive environment for students and professionals, and offers a variety of educational settings from which to choose.

Student Development
Our student programs are geared toward the undergraduate as the learner is introduced to technology through the award winning Bio-Therapeutic concepts, its high-tech culture, and its dominance in the industry as one of the industry leaders in research and development of technology. Students experience both didactic and practical educational sessions, which serve as a bridge to the post graduate level. Students are exposed to technology in a progression which aids in the development of understanding concepts, technological applications and ultimately proficiency with devices.

Technologist Certification
The technologist certification is for professionals whom have purchased a device. We conduct the training at our corporate headquarters, and arrangements can be made for our Platinum Educators to travel to your location. The training consists of both theory and practical methods, and an assessment is made to ascertain a level of mastery with the device. Continuing education is recommended.

The Bio-Therapeutic Institute of Technology provides training and certification on all Bio-Therapeutic equipment. Monthly device training at the BTi in Seattle, WA focuses on the Bio-Ultimate Platinum® microcurrent system, Bio-Synthesis™ light activated rejuvenation system, Bio-Brasion™ microdermabrasion system, Bio-Oxygen™ oxygen infusion system, and Bio-Dermology™ cellulite system.


"Working with Bio Therapeutics has enhanced our esthetics program at Gary Manuel. The breadth of experience in forward thinking technology makes their point of view a perfect fit for a rigorous learning environment. We have had nothing but positive experiences working with both the team there and their equipment."
Gary Howse

Gary Manuel AVEDA Institute, Seattle

"I am honored to have worked with Bio-Therapeutic for the past 4 years. The company has many wonderful attributes which include professionalism, integrity and dedication to the esthetics industry. Bio-Therapeutic has provided me with ongoing support and respect, which brings out the best in me and all of the staff. I always feel appreciated, valued and an important member of the Bio-Therapeutic team."
Gaynor Farmer

Education Director, Eve Taylor, UK